Blastrac constantly invests in its strong R&D department. Our technologies for preparing and maintaining floors and other surfaces are developed in-house. In the process of developing new machines we focus on 3 things: user friendlines, cost efficiency and environmental friendliness.

By talking to customers worldwide and understanding the issues they face during projects, Blastrac constantly researches new demands from the market and searches for applications that open up new horizons.

User Friendly Equipment

Blastrac generates solutions for surface preparation on every scale and for almost every area. By thinking ahead and looking at how our products are used, we see what users are missing. Based on this information we turn problems into opportunities. Thanks to our wide network of suppliers, we are also able to apply advanced techniques on demand, such as remote control processing for hard to reach or hazardous areas.

Environmentally Friendly Equipment

Blastrac also proves itself as a brand for the future by being environmentally friendly. The techniques we use are purely mechanical, and therefore very clean. We do not use chemical substances, and no precious drinking water is wasted.

All this means that the Blastrac slogan: „The innovators in surface preparation” is not just a slogan! If you would like to receive more information about our R&D projects or if you’re interested in what the Blastrac R&D department can do for you, contact your local Blastrac sales & service centre.