Blastrac does not only develop its own machines, tools and technologies for surface preparation but for the most part we also produce them ourselves. Of all the bodywork we use on our machines, over 80% is manufactured in our own factories. Blastrac’s European headquarters in the Netherlands is the centrepoint of the worldwide assembly and distribution of our products.

Working Efficiently

In our facility in Poland, we have different machines that help to efficiently produce the parts which the research & development department designed. For example, Blastrac Poland has two of the most advanced laser cutters produced by the top brand, Bystronic at its disposal. It also has multiple welding stations, which allows our employees to work quickly and efficiently.

When every part of the machine is cut, it is bent into a new shape. In our factory in Poland we have a Bystronic press brake which allows us to do so. This machine can bend the hardest steel into any shape we want it to be. After the machine parts are in the right shape, they are painted in the blue Blastrac brand colour.

Working Together

As well as having our own factory where we produce many of our machines, we also enjoy very strong relationships with our suppliers. Over the years Blastrac has searched for the right suppliers who can deliver the quality that we guarantee to our customers. Nowadays, small and big parts that are essential for our machines to operate are produced by suppliers that have years of experience in producing parts for machinery with great precision.

Together with our sales & service centres worldwide, Blastrac boasts an efficient and highly organised supply chain, to ship all goods quickly and cost effectively.